It was so cold
The sky couldn’t make clouds
To pass the time.

It was so cold
The lake froze over
And the fish froze with it

It was so cold
That breath turned to whispers
And noses grew as red as berries

It was so cold
People felt it in their bones.
Sharper than the needles
On the Christmas trees.

It was so cold
A coat wasn’t enough
And to go out
One had to wrap up
With layer upon layer
Of thick, warm things
Like a human pass the parcel.

It was so cold,
It was hard to be grateful
And then, there you were
Looking at it differently.

The lake was not just a frozen lake, to you.
It wasn’t a sign of loss
Or a mourning for the spring.
It was a chance to soar.
An opportunity to dance.
You gave blades to the shoes
Of everyone who wanted them.

Found the roast chestnut seller
To sell his piping hot wares
Beside it.

Strung up lanterns like something from a fairytale.
Taught us all to turn and twirl, and laugh
At the winter.

You gave cold hands,
In woollen gloves,
A reason to hold onto someone else.