When I am lost,

I think of these:

Paint palette horizons,

Opening flowerbuds,

Morning dew,

The sunshine on a cobweb,

Rain singing in the gutters

And the eagerness of waves

To reach the shore,

Because like everything else

They want to make it home

When I am worried,

I remember the deep sanctuary of the forest,

The whispers of the fallen leaves,

White Cherry Blossoms,

Duck-tails bobbing above the water,

Sleek conkers in spiky cases,

Cottonwool clouds,

Dragonflies hovering in a heatwave,

The joyful arc of comets

Goldfish shimmering in a stream,

The crunch of gravel,

A moonlit night

And the melody of love

When I am

Where I am,

These things remain

Like ropes of gold

For me to climb

To make it back